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If your partner struggles with their mental health, I’m guessing you:

panic when they show signs of another episode

are too ashamed to tell your friends what’s really happening

practice self-care, but still don’t feel cared for

have weird aches, pains, tingling, or a constant lump in your throat

feel unseen in couple’s therapy, or keep circling the same drain on your own

worry you’re not enough for your kids

feel like sh*t but transformation sounds too f**king hard right now (and you’re thankful four-letter words are there when you need them!)

Does it feel like you’re glued to the passenger seat next to an erratic driver careening down a wildly curving, gravel mountain road? Well, what I do is weave together multiple coaching and energy healing techniques to get you safely back home to your couch by the fire.

What Clients Are Saying…


I was introduced to Sherilyn during a turbulent point in my relationship, and it felt like she was the perfect person sent to support me in that moment. Without even sharing much backstory, I immediately felt safe and understood. Sherilyn guided me through a session that wove together supportive conversation, somatic work, and Reiki in a way that felt intuitive, comforting, and loving. She then followed up with me for several days after to ensure I was integrating the experience and supported even after our session. Sherilyn has a special soul and a powerful gift, and I feel grateful to have had her support on my healing journey.


I have sought after and experienced various types of counseling and coaching, each with various levels of success, to peel and heal many layers of trauma. In just one session, Sherilyn was able to reach a much deeper level in a very comforting and impactful way. Her openness, care and ease with explaining and guiding creates a powerful experience.


I highly recommend Sherilyn! Prior to having my treatments with her, I was extremely skeptical of Rieki. I asked Sherilyn to explain the science behind it and was shocked that it is scientifically based. I had some pain in my legs for several months. After my first session, the pain was gone and is still gone several months later. Sherilyn has a thorough understanding of what she is doing and is a gifted practitioner.


Sherilyn is incredibly gifted and intuitive. I struggle with chronic pain and when I have a flare-up her sessions are such a relief. I always come away feeling peaceful, balanced and centered. I highly recommend!


Sherilyn brings a wonderful blend of skills to the healing and coaching session. She is insightful, present, curious and caring. Life experience gives her empathy and resource. Intuition allows her to adjust to meet individual needs. Working with Sherilyn has brought understanding and direction to my life, and opened deeper levels of healing to my physical and emotional being.

My coaching and healing practice is grounded in empathy, diverse in science-backed resources, uniquely transformational, and ultimately successful in releasing, reviving and resurrecting the self.

What you can expect from working with me:

Calm the internal chaos

Increase of capacity

Relief from physical pain

Access transformation without “talking it out”

All through Coaching, Reiki & Energetic NLP

You’re going to be ok, and I can help.

Through a blend of coaching, Reiki and Energetic NLP that’s been twenty-five years in the making, you’ll receive my best mind-body nourishment and healing care.

About Me

Integrative Coach & Healer

Sherilyn is a pioneer in the mental illness partner-carer coaching and healing industry. She has spent the past 25 years researching and developing science backed mind-body practices, and mining her own life experience as partner-carer to her husband who struggled with his mental health. Sherilyn helps heart-centered, passionate partner-carers who are tired, worn and lost–or nearly so–to find their heart, passion and vitality again.